Big(?) Mystery in Namibia

Namibia mystery arch
Photo by Thomas Krassman

All we know about this arch is that it is somewhere in central Damaraland in the Otjiwarongo (Otjohorongo) Mountains in Namibia and that it has been reported as having a span of 246 feet. Most such reports turn out to be false, but this report comes from a credible observer — a German geologist who said he paced off the span. We remain skeptical because what limited photoanalysis is possible from the single photo we have seems unsupportive, but we have not been able to find this arch and have no additional data.

If anyone can supply coordinates and/or measurements for this arch, please contact us at Note that this arch is not the well-known arch called The Bridge, located on Grosse Spitzkopje, which has a span of 90 feet.

The Natural Arch and Bridge Society