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Natural Arches of China

This page is a master index to all of the information about the natural arches of China that is on the website of the Natural Arch and Bridge Society. This is probably the largest body of information about Chinese arches that exists anywhere, but it is still quite sparse. NABS is a U.S.-based organization, and information about natural arches in China is difficult for us to obtain. We have no colleagues in China and we are not able to communicate in Chinese. We are always looking for more information. If you can help, please contact

Fairy Bridge The World's Giant Arches (over 200 feet in span)

Shegeng Through Cave GIS (Geographic Information System) Catalog:

Fairy Bridge, Steve Jett China Diary: The October 2010 Natural Arch and Bridge Society Expedition in Search of the World's Largest Natural Bridges and Arches. Extensive account, profusely illustrated, with links to other resources including:

The interpretive signs for:

Tourist maps and booklets:

Moon Hill NABS International Gallery (not a catalog but a selection of representative arches from different countries):

Little Big Soldier - Sanjiao Cave NABS Movie Gallery (arches in Chinese movies):

Moon Hill NABS Stereo Gallery (Chinese arch in 3D):

Three Bridges National Geopark video Videos:

SPAN 2010 Winter

By Natural Arch and Bridge Society

16 pages, published January 2010

Full color printed copy available for $3.20 plus postage from MagCloud. Collector's Edition expanded to 16 pages from original 14. Digital version available to members.
Issue includes:
The Giant Arches of China
An Arch Hunting Trip to China

Other SPAN issues with articles about China:

  • 2014 Winter: More China Giants
  • 2011 Winter: NABS China Rally: World's Longest Arch Confirmed
  • 2009 July: Is Fairy Bridge the Longest Span on Earth? [PDF]
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