Obrovska Brana (Giant Gate)

Obrovska Brana (Giant Gate) is located in the Sulovske Skaly rocks area about 18 kms (11 miles) south of the town of Zilina in the north of Slovakia. Although the arch is on a marked trail it is recommended that the services of a guide are used as they can provide not only transportation, accommodation, and a guide to all the arches in the area but also, most importantly, act as an interpreter. This arch is reached by a moderately strenuous 20-minute climb. The arch is in a forested area and is best visited during the autumn when the trees are bare. The arch is reported to be 46 feet high and 33 feet wide. There is another arch nearby called Goticka Brana (Gothic Gate), reported to be 43 feet high. Photo by Ray Millar.

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