Double Arch, Arches National Park

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Double Arch
© Marsel van Oosten

Double Arch is located in the Windows Section of Arches National Park. It is a double pothole natural arch eroded in Entrada Sandstone. The larger opening has a span of 148 feet and a height of 104 feet. Two excellent photographers captured the arch at night in these striking photos.

The photo above was taken by Marsel van Oosten. It was shot at night with part of the Milky Way in the background. His wife volunteered to climb inside the arch for scale, and he used a flashlight with warm-up gels for some dramatic lighting. See more of Marsel's exquisite photography at

The photo below was taken by by Brad Goldpaint and was achieved using a 39-second night-time exposure. The Milky Way is clearly rendered in the sky while the color and texture of the stone arch was brought out with momentary illumination from a light source. Visible in the background is the distant glow of light from nearby Moab, Utah. Larger version of this photo. More great arch photos from Brad.

Double Arch
© Goldpaint Photography. Click on image for larger version.

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