Ring Arch
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This photo from the cover of the April 1995 issue of SPAN shows NABS member Alex Ranney standing atop a big arch in Upper Salt Creek in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. Note that a regulation adopted September 29, 2014 prohibits walking on any arch within Canyonlands National Park. This photo was taken prior to that date.

The Park Service refers to this arch as Wedding Ring Arch but there is another arch by that name in the vicinity and historically this one has been called Ring Arch. Getting to the top of the arch requires extensive route finding ability and ropes, but a well-used trail takes you to a spectacular view of the arch from below. The trail comes down from Cathedral Butte, and it's about 7 miles to the arch. Most people who see the arch do so on a backpack, for which a permit from the Park is required. A much longer trail comes up from the end of the jeep road in Salt Creek. Photo by Shannon Dare.

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